Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tell What You Do

I had a very enjoyable walk with a successful entrepreneur who told me about what she does. It can be difficult to explain in a brief conversation what you do. In my work, I often get clients through referrals or with people who have read my blogs. They just say they like what I do, what I wrote, or what I said. Easy! But explaining what I do to someone I don't know is a whole different story.

Walking and talking is an excellent way to talk about your business. Just enough real time distractions while taking a relaxing walk. My walk went very quickly as I listened to an entrepreneur talk about why she decided to become an associate for a company and product she respects. I trust this entrepreneur because she is a friend and sister with integrity. Sharing with friends and family through walking, lunches, and conversation focused on the product and business are the easiest ways to market a product or service.

At some point, most of us need to move beyond the familiar to grow our businesses. That is the time we need to start thinking about our marketing strategies. Do I want to go to networking meetings, associations, socials, Chamber of Commerce meetings to let people know about my business? Will cold calling produce results? How much should I spend on advertising?

These are excellent subjects for discussion on a Walk About U!

60 minutes walking


  1. It was a great walk and I enjoyed the conversation. You asked some good questions. I thought it would be hard to walk and talk but it made the time go by fast! I look forward to our next "walk" together!

  2. Thanks Janet. I love talking outdoors while walking. I really enjoyed the conversation.


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