Saturday, September 11, 2010

Take It Up a Notch

A walking partner helps me “take it up a notch” and walk further and faster than I otherwise would. I often feel like I am walking fast until someone passes by with a quick stride and little effort. Then I realize I really could do more.

This morning I thought I could walk later, or just take a short walk. My husband didn't really want to walk either, but walking and talking we ended up taking a long walk. Having an accountability partner or team to work on a project or discipline is like having a walking partner. You can work together to more than one person alone.

A personal/career coach can help you "take it up a notch" by helping you find your purpose and goals. Your coach will challenge and encourage you to find and meet your goals, or change them. Contact LifeWork Coach, Nancy Miller, M.S., CCM to find out what a coach can do for you.

60 minutes walking

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