Wednesday, September 8, 2010

In Memory of Pepper

Things I learned from my dog Pepper...

1. Simple rewards are the best.
2. Be thankful for cool sunny days...
3. And lots of water on hot days.
4. Nothing's better than a brisk walk, except..
5. Chasing squirrels for no reason.
6. Grass is better if it's not wet.
7. Cats usually run if you chase them, but not always.
8. It's more fun to take a nap after playing.
9. It's nice to ask before you touch.
10. Some people act nice, some don't.

I learned to be fascinated with nature and enjoy the simple pleasures from Pepper. He never missed a thing. Walking was his favorite past time, and he had a happy little strut whenever he went out.

30 minutes walking


  1. My dog Hunter makes me feel safe and happy on our walks. Living up in the mountains means watching out for wildlife. I know he would protect me with his life. He stays calm and quiet when we watch the deer. He enjoys watching the llamas and the horses with me. He likes to lick my granddaughter's face while she's giggling and trying to talk to the llamas. My granddaughter (6 yrs old) feels so big and loved by Hunter when she gets to hold his leash (when he's on one) because he adores her and does anything she tells him to do. He enjoys greeting other dogs and neighbors on our walks and is everybody's friend. He's also a big boy and likes to walk fast up the hills which helps me burn lots of calories!

  2. Thank you, Karen, for your comment. Hunter is amazing! I have never met a more calm or laid back dog. I'm sure he comes to life on walks and his calmness is an asset with the wildlife. Our pet friends are great walking companions.


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