Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sidewalk Calling

For seven years I've often walked with my little dog, Pepper. There's nothing more energizing on a walk than to see the excitement of a dog who literally "lights up" when it's time to go out. Walking with Pepper, I learned to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of nature and all the adventures in walking. Besides the walk, there is the socializing that often comes with walking a dog. Someone would ask what kind of dog he is, a child would want to pet him, and no one could resist his little dog smile. I wrote this poem about walking with Pepper, not because I am a poet, but because walking is poetry.

Sidewalk Calling

A band of bushes
Playing in the breeze
Sidewalk calling
What a tease
Adventure lies ahead.

The musty aroma of dust
Dancing with the tracks
Of life that stumbled through it
But concrete masks its footprints
Telling few secrets.

A breeze
Taking and giving
Then blowing away.

Pepper on a lead
Head high
Poised and panting
Electric energy
Pulsing through the leash.

As the little dog passes
The wonders of nature
To a master lost in thoughts
Awakened to a world
Alive and thriving.

30 minutes walking

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