Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Because I Can

Why walk today? Because I can. It is a privilege to have the time, weather conditions, neighborhood, and good shoes for walking. It's easy to say it's too hot, too cold, I'm busy, or I can go out later. But then I think to myself, "I can walk." So I do.

I have the opportunity to do the work I have set my mind to do. I could say that I do the work I love because sometimes I do. I love to coach clients, write ideas, and research information. But I must admit that after spending the day writing and editing an article that I hope to have published, I realized that I love to start writing, I enjoy putting ideas together, but I don't enjoy spending hours putting my ideas into a format that is professionally written and easily understandable to others. That's when my business takes discipline and work. It's all part of the process. Initially I felt unsure about submitting the article. Was it worth the effort when I don't know if it will be published? Then I thought to myself, "I can do it," so why wouldn't I? I will use the article someplace. I just need to put it out there.

When I finished the article, I felt a sense of satisfaction. I had a great day of discipline, creativity, and accomplishment. Because I can, I continue to work at things I enjoy, push myself to go beyond what I want to do, and share my experiences with others.

30 minutes walking

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