Friday, September 17, 2010

From a Distance

Stripes of glowing golden embers sliced between black shadows. The park looked magical. A stage set by bright sunlight sifting through heavy trunks of distant trees. I enjoy seeing things from a distance:  An observer of what might be, or could be.

As I stepped into the park I became part of the scene
Smelling the musky warm grass
Blinded by a pot of gold reflecting off the lake
Dodging bicycles whizzing past on the path
The sound of cackling red winged blackbirds chattering in the reeds
Smiling at a neighbor as familiar as the man in the moon

I am in the park and part of it.
Swiftly walking
Rolling my ankles to keep a good pace
Feeling the cool breeze
Sweating in the sun
No longer an observer watching from a distance

I realized that after walking everyday for two months, I can enjoy hearing, feeling, and seeing all that the outdoors has to offer. Actually I see something new everyday. How long can that last? Just when things begin to look so familiar, fall is coming. A new canvas of sights and sounds. To schedule a "Walk About U!" with a LifeWork Coach, contact Nancy Miller, M.S. The difference between a conversation with a friend and a "walk about" is that the conversation with a coach is all about you.

50 minutes walking

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