Monday, September 13, 2010

Becoming a Writer

After reading my walking blog, a friend and colleague gave me a great compliment this morning. He said that as he was reading my blog he saw me as a writer rather than a friend. I made the transition from blogger to writer.

I’ve been writing a book for about three years. In the back of my mind I kept telling myself I wasn’t a writer. I didn’t have training in writing, and I didn’t have a regular writing schedule. I had ideas and materials that I had gathered and wanted to put  into a book. I knew it was self-defeating to tell myself I wasn’t a writer. In fact, I often didn’t want to get down to the work of writing. I wondered if I had wasted years of my life on something that wasn’t going to happen.

It was time to cut my losses and quit, or become a writer. For some reason I couldn’t quit the project. Maybe I just don’t like to quit. I had to become a writer. I listened to an audio excerpt from Robert Dilts’ book, “Strategies of Genius, Volume One.” Dilts described the environment that Mozart made for himself that allowed his creative genius to blossom.

As I looked around my office, I realized it was a great place to work and organize, but it wasn’t the best environment for developing my intuition and creativity. According to Dilts, Mozart walked, went outdoors, and had free time to allow his music to come to his mind. After hearing Mozart’s story, I decided to give myself an environment for creativity by walking and writing everyday. When I am outdoors walking, I use my senses, observe, relax, and create more brain activity. After walking for almost two months, practicing my craft, and getting feedback on my blog, I can say that I am a writer. That is what I do. I create an environment for writing and spend time doing it.

I spend time researching which I enjoy, as well as organizing and editing which I like much less, but now I have the ability to sit down and write at will. In the past I had to wait for the moment to hit me, but often the moment would pass before I could get to my computer or find a pen. Now I have to tell myself to, “Stop already!” This is a blog. I can write more tomorrow.

60 minutes walking

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