Thursday, September 2, 2010


I always enjoy a walk about with family. I often run into my daughter while taking a walk, and occasionally have a chance to take a long walk with her. We enjoy talking about the baby and all of the latest baby gear, her career, and her jewelry designs. It is a challenging time for young families with all of the uncertainties in work right now. It's more important than ever for families to support each other whenever they can. She is blessed with a great job where she can use her natural strengths to help others while balancing her family life. I am glad to be part of her support system.

Families are often the primary network and support systems for entrepreneurs and employees. When family members respect each other and have clear lines of communication as ours does, we can trade off using our natural talents to help each other. I have the opportunity to spend some time watching my grandson while my daughter teaches a class. She is an excellent editor who helps me with my writing. My youngest daughter designed a logo for my business cards, and my husband takes photographs for my website and other projects. We've always spent time walking together. Walking outdoors is often our best time to communicate, share ideas, and events of the day.

60 minutes walking

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