Saturday, September 18, 2010


A partial moon lights the sky. The sun has already set, but it's light has not left the sky. Dusk signals the end of the day. The soothing cool sky invites reflections of the day. What could be brighter than a day with good friends and family. Seeing my five month old grandson take his first taste of vegetables. A cold cucumber and a wedge of zucchini touched his lips followed by a spoon of applesauce. Frowns and shivers. Fruit as foreign as vegetables. Then innocent giggles while dancing across the living room floor. Capturing the magic moments to keep with me. When my day is dull, sad, or things just aren't working out, I bring out the magic moments and remind myself that evening will come followed by a new day.

I'm on the 65th post, and I had to add a search widget so I wouldn't repeat myself. I had to try several titles before I found one I hadn't used before. So now you can "search this blog" to look for subjects you may be interested in, and hopefully I will be able to think of 300 more titles. 

20 minutes walking

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