Friday, September 10, 2010


I set a goal to walk and write everyday. I sometimes walk outside, feel the cool breeze, grab my shoes and take off. But there are many days that I think I could walk later. Or at the end of the day I wonder why I ever started this blog. Because I set I goal, I follow through. The practice is helping my creativity and writing skills. If I broke my leg or had an emergency I might have to put off my goal temporarily. If I found that writing everyday was distracting me from my bigger projects, I might re-evaluate and change my goal to better fit my vision and purpose.

"Decision making should be as much a process for discovering goals as for acting on them." James March

I have other goals that I am not keeping as consistently as my walking and writing everyday goal. It's time to take a look at those goals and see if they are focused, realistic, and taking me where I want to go. If so, I need to find out if I am procrastinating, getting distracted, or have negative self-defeating thoughts about doing it.

Goals should be flexible, adaptable and leave room for growth.  Having a goal is like looking at a road map and determining a direction to start your adventure.  If you hit a roadblock or find a better route, you can change your path.  Depending on your personality, some people will want to set very clear, specific, goals and mark their progress along the way.  Others like to have a general direction and purpose and see where it takes them.  Completing your goals gives you a sense of accomplishment.Whatever your style, set some flexible goals and see where they take you.

My Goal Setting Principles
  • Believe in myself enough to set goals.
  • Make sure my goals fit my vision and purpose.  
  • Write down my goals and track my progress
  • Be accountable (preferably to someone else) for accomplishing my goals.  
  • Follow-up, evaluate and re-assess my goals so I won’t be setting myself up for failure.
  • Be willing to learn from each step of my growth process and change my goals when necessary to create a healthy balanced lifestyle.  

Share a goal for creating a healthier lifestyle. How do you stay on track?

45 minutes walking


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