Thursday, September 30, 2010


It’s so easy for me to get trapped in a mindset of thinking about myself. I don’t have an iPhone even though I am a Mac user. Don’t laugh. When everyone is getting an iPhone and I don’t have one, I begin to think about other things I don’t have. Yes, I can get pretty full of myself, and my wants at times. But living in a state of gratitude and giving to others takes my mind off of myself.

When I focus on giving to others instead of thinking about what I don’t have, or what I would like to have, my attitude becomes very positive. In the current economy there are people who need someone to talk to during transitions, crisis, and loss while learning to cope with job loss, underemployment, and stress.

There are people in organizations such as, “We’ve Got Time to Help,” who are struggling with their own job loss, but taking time to help others in need. They have started a movement that is moving across the nation of people helping their neighbors and communities.

I keep myself grounded by offering a “Walk About U!” at no cost to anyone who wants to talk about their ideas, inspirations, transitions, and/or losses. The best way for me to stay focused on the things that are really important is to give to others.

60 minutes walking

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Because I Can

Why walk today? Because I can. It is a privilege to have the time, weather conditions, neighborhood, and good shoes for walking. It's easy to say it's too hot, too cold, I'm busy, or I can go out later. But then I think to myself, "I can walk." So I do.

I have the opportunity to do the work I have set my mind to do. I could say that I do the work I love because sometimes I do. I love to coach clients, write ideas, and research information. But I must admit that after spending the day writing and editing an article that I hope to have published, I realized that I love to start writing, I enjoy putting ideas together, but I don't enjoy spending hours putting my ideas into a format that is professionally written and easily understandable to others. That's when my business takes discipline and work. It's all part of the process. Initially I felt unsure about submitting the article. Was it worth the effort when I don't know if it will be published? Then I thought to myself, "I can do it," so why wouldn't I? I will use the article someplace. I just need to put it out there.

When I finished the article, I felt a sense of satisfaction. I had a great day of discipline, creativity, and accomplishment. Because I can, I continue to work at things I enjoy, push myself to go beyond what I want to do, and share my experiences with others.

30 minutes walking

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


After hours of beach walking, and pushing myself up steep inclines, I didn’t want to walk today. It seemed like a silly commitment to walk everyday, especially when I have to make the transition from the cool breezes of beach walking to the triple digit evening temperatures back home. 

I can come up with so many reasons for not walking. I know that if I skip a day when I’m able to walk, I will lose my incentive. That is one of the reasons for setting a goal, making a commitment, and being accountable for reaching it.

A short 20-minute walk offered a good stretch to my legs that were a little tight from the weekend walking. Setting such a bold long-term goal as walking everyday for a year, while not difficult in itself, at times seems unnecessary. But without my goal, I wouldn’t have walked outdoors most days during the hot summer. I know that many of you walk or jog when it’s hot, but I don’t. When I was in Dayton, Ohio one winter, I took my grandson for a walk when it was 5-degrees outside. It was a little eerie with no one out, but I found it very pleasant. After stretching myself this summer, I will look forward to fall and winter.

20 minutes walking

Monday, September 27, 2010

Misty Morning

Cool mists sail across the sky as we look out across the ocean. The scene changes within minutes. The sun peaks through the clouds of fog. Bright crests of water on one side of the beach and dark stillness on the other. The contrast is magnificent.

The photographer stops to grasp the moment in his lens. I walk beside him thinking about which view I would like on my dining room wall. I want the perfect picture of this moment. He is just taking it all in with his lens. Letting nature be what it is.

We are mist and sun. We usually seem like opposites, but we come together on a misty sunny morning at the beach. As I look at the sun side by side with the darkness, the contrast is astounding. When opposites attract they make a fabulous contrast.

Beach Walking

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Being There

I’ve used many words to describe the ocean. I would watch the waves and think of all of the words that describe the color and motion. Today I looked at the action of the waves and decided to just watch and listen, feel the cool air on my face and the warmth on my back. Every time a word came into my mind, I let it go. I stood just listening and watching. Being a part of it rather than making it a part of me. Being in the moment. I always had trouble with that concept. But standing on the beach, feeling the beneath my feet and absorbing the sights and sounds in my senses I was just being there.

While practicing visualization, I would notice the light, shadows, colors, and sounds. It was important to name them and take them with me so that I could picture them later. While visualization is a great exercise, just being there and not worrying about what I would take with me was a more spiritual exercise. Rather than taking a picture of the ocean, I absorbed a sense of it.

As a coach, my goal is to be there. First to let the waves flow across the beach, see what’s there, and then let it flow back to you. Like the ocean you are ever changing ever flowing. You have a wealth of knowledge, experience, talents, and skills to draw on. I can help you pull out what you want and send back what you are finished with.

Beach walking (not counting the minutes)

Saturday, September 25, 2010


The waves are constant and continuous. Even though their height, strength and color vary from day to day and moment to moment.  The ocean seems to stretch out to infinity. Looking at the vast ocean, which is more than I can even fathom, reminds me of the power of God which is more than I can comprehend. Looking down from the bluffs, the sweet deer and foaming water are both beautiful and fascinating.

Beach Walking

Friday, September 24, 2010


I looked at the ocean and wondered what I could say about it. I mulled around some ideas and thought about how they relate to the ocean. As I watched the flow of the ocean waves, I thought about how my writing can be forced or I can just let it flow and see what the waves bring in. Letting my thoughts flow gives me an idea of where my heart is. Just as the waves bring succulent fish, nutritious seaweed and garbage depending on what it is filled with, good will flow from my writing if I have goodness inside. 

45 minutes walking


I woke up early without feeling tired. I have energy for gathering the things I will need for a weekend trip. Thinking about doing several things at one time keeps me moving. Anticipating getting to the beach, the trip, and the fresh sea air gets my blood flowing and my brain cells firing. The excitement of going somewhere.
Tonight I will be journaling about walking on the beach. I will post all of my journals on the 28th.

I will soak up the energy of the sea this weekend and bring it back with me. I would like to have this much excitement about my everyday work. Is it possible to bottle up vacation energy and save it for when things get dull?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Path

I tend to take the path I know. I’m so used to it that I know how long it takes to get to different points on the path. I know what to expect. It’s smooth, paved and well worn. What could I say new about the same old path? I could say that I hadn’t done anything different today.

I was listening to Michael Margolis podcast on storytelling, and thought about the path I was on. What was my story about the path? The first thing I noticed about my path was that I was on it. There was a whole field of grass out there. What would happen if I stepped off the path and went out into the open field? Ok. This sounds pretty lame. I’m at a park! But the truth is, when I took off into the field, I started running. It was bumpy and lumpy. I wasn’t sure if I would run into a whole soggy wet area that had been over watered or if it would remain warm and dry. I ran this way and that looking silly like a child. It was fun!

I walked back to the familiar path and almost got run over by a bicycle. Then smiled at a stranger who passed by. There were really more obstacles on the familiar well traveled path than there were in the open field. As I organize, plan, and try to maintain a sense of order in my life, I need to step out into the unfamiliar sometimes. Even with the best laid plans, obstacles come across my path. The plans that should go so smoothly are more like the familiar path with bikes whizzing by and branches with sticks on the path. The open field gave me more opportunities to run and think freely. As I think about my life path, I want to make room for some open fields, running, and playing.

30 minutes walking

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Getting There

While cleaning out my files, I found this poem I had written some time ago. I'm not sure how poetic it is, but it reminded me of how it feels so different to use different modes of transportation. In fact, I can go the same place and it feels completely different if I get there by car, bus, or foot. When I'm out walking, as much as possible I walk through parks, past creeks or lakes, and through the shade of trees. There are times I walk across busy streets and close to traffic. I get a different perspective of my neighborhood, city, and country depending on my mode of travel.

Rumbling rattling
Roaring engine
Running tripping
Out of breath

Wet windy
Freezing cold
Talking walking
Laugh out loud

Flying landing
Bags on board
Bus plane
Nature walk

Hot cold
Much at ease
Meeting working
Just for fun

Best and worst is getting there

30 minutes walking

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I enjoyed a “Walk About” with a friend and colleague on the subject of happiness. As counselors, we analyze ourselves, make observations, advocate for people in crisis, and listen to problems. It’s very easy to over analyze and even become somewhat pessimistic especially if we spend too much time behind a desk. Getting outside and walking, sharing feelings with other professionals, and finding opportunities to bring joy into our lives can help us stay positive and bring hope to our clients. Answering the simple question, "What makes you happy?" can make you happier. Thinking back on happy moments, and talking about what you did, and how it made you feel can help you capture the same positive feelings in your work and other areas of your life.

As a coach, I focus on strengths, goals, plans, and challenges. I often work with creative entrepreneurs who are looking for focus, accountability, inspiration, motivation, and direction. As a coach, it is much easier to stay positive and build healthy habits. It’s part of my job.

A Walk About U! is a great opportunity to brainstorm ideas, de-stress, and reflect on your life and work. Contact Nancy Miller to schedule a walking conversation with a LifeWork Coach and see how much better you feel.

50 minutes walking

Monday, September 20, 2010


I walked past the rose bushes in front of our house. I stopped to admire one beautiful rose that always catches my eye. I thought about bringing this perfect rose into the house, but left it outside to unfold naturally. The rose is complex and sophisticated. A few days ago it was a tight bud with sharp thorns. Each day as I walk outside I watch it transform into a paper-thin delicate flower.

When I walk past the roses they remind me that they need some attention. One or two stalks grow out over the sidewalk ready to grab me with their prickly touch if I ignore them for too long. I handle them carefully when I want to cut a bud or trim back the bush. Are roses worth the effort?

Left unattended, the roses overstep their boundaries. They sometimes attract unwanted pests if they are ignored. Roses, like relationships, need regular attention or they will wilt and dry up. Just like my special relationships that are sometimes prickly, but often fragrant, the rose is unique like no other flower. They are worth the effort.

60 minutes walking

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Thank You!

The outdoors invites gratitude into my heart and mind. Even when I am not feeling appreciative, I can't help but relax and say a prayer of thanks for the beauty I see, all that I have, and especially for friends and family. I appreciate all of the support for walking and writing that I have gotten from friends, family and colleagues. Remembering to say, "Thank you" is a healthy habit that may come naturally for some people, but for others of us, gratitude is a practice and a habit. I often get notes from my mother telling me something she liked about one of my posts. I wrote her this brief note of appreciation.

          Have I told you lately that I am glad you are my Mom?
          My creative ability comes from you, so I'm glad you like it.
          Encouragement and inspiration comes from you, so I'm glad you keep giving it.
          Dogged determination comes from my Dad. Glad you married him.

"Taking time to appreciate your mother for all the care she provided growing up; reconnecting with an old friend to express your gratitude for always being there for you; seeking out and thanking a favorite teacher who helped you grow – specific acts of gratitude can have a variety of positive consequences..." Pursuit-of-Happiness.

"Beyond emotions, there is evidence that gratitude is associated with pleasant physical sensations, as well. Algoe and Haidt (2009) found that people experienced pleasant muscle relaxation when recalling situations in which they’d felt grateful. It is apparent that the mere act of giving thanks can have remarkable impact on a person’s well-being." from Pursuit-of-Happiness

Practicing thankfulness with family and friends will also have benefits in your work or job search. It's easy to remember to send that thank you note for an interview, a conversation with a prospective employer, or a colleague who recommended you if you are already in the habit of saying thanks.  

"Counting your blessings will benefit yourself and your organization." Gratitude at Work

Having an attitude of gratitude at work improves performance, optimism, and general health. A Walk About U! is a great opportunity to talk about things you are grateful for, what makes you happy, and how to share your joy with others.

30 minutes walking

Saturday, September 18, 2010


A partial moon lights the sky. The sun has already set, but it's light has not left the sky. Dusk signals the end of the day. The soothing cool sky invites reflections of the day. What could be brighter than a day with good friends and family. Seeing my five month old grandson take his first taste of vegetables. A cold cucumber and a wedge of zucchini touched his lips followed by a spoon of applesauce. Frowns and shivers. Fruit as foreign as vegetables. Then innocent giggles while dancing across the living room floor. Capturing the magic moments to keep with me. When my day is dull, sad, or things just aren't working out, I bring out the magic moments and remind myself that evening will come followed by a new day.

I'm on the 65th post, and I had to add a search widget so I wouldn't repeat myself. I had to try several titles before I found one I hadn't used before. So now you can "search this blog" to look for subjects you may be interested in, and hopefully I will be able to think of 300 more titles. 

20 minutes walking

Friday, September 17, 2010

From a Distance

Stripes of glowing golden embers sliced between black shadows. The park looked magical. A stage set by bright sunlight sifting through heavy trunks of distant trees. I enjoy seeing things from a distance:  An observer of what might be, or could be.

As I stepped into the park I became part of the scene
Smelling the musky warm grass
Blinded by a pot of gold reflecting off the lake
Dodging bicycles whizzing past on the path
The sound of cackling red winged blackbirds chattering in the reeds
Smiling at a neighbor as familiar as the man in the moon

I am in the park and part of it.
Swiftly walking
Rolling my ankles to keep a good pace
Feeling the cool breeze
Sweating in the sun
No longer an observer watching from a distance

I realized that after walking everyday for two months, I can enjoy hearing, feeling, and seeing all that the outdoors has to offer. Actually I see something new everyday. How long can that last? Just when things begin to look so familiar, fall is coming. A new canvas of sights and sounds. To schedule a "Walk About U!" with a LifeWork Coach, contact Nancy Miller, M.S. The difference between a conversation with a friend and a "walk about" is that the conversation with a coach is all about you.

50 minutes walking

Thursday, September 16, 2010


It’s amazing to do the same thing and see it in a totally different light. I’ve been working on the same writing project for over a year. It’s starting to get old, and I realized I’m losing interest. What could I do to add freshness and a new perspective to an old idea?

As I starting walking this morning, I wondered how I could see the same walk in a different light. It was so obvious. A glaring ray of sunlight blinded my path. It wasn’t there yesterday. It’s the sun that makes the same walk different everyday. I decided to notice the affect the morning sun had on my environment. The bright green grass glistened with droplets sparkling in the sunlight. I could imagine fairies firing off their magic spells. By afternoon the grass was a deep earthy green. The light was dim as it filtered through the thick tree branches. A flock of birds left dark patches on the sidewalk as they glided through the air. The light from the sun was bright and glaring, warm and earthy, and blocked by birds all in one day. 

Looking at the sunlight from so many different perspectives made me realize that I can look at my project through a different lens and bring new light to my writing. Through walking and observing nature, I am learning to use my senses to find something  new and interesting everyday.

60 minutes walking

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Clear Blue Sky

I walked outside this afternoon and noticed the blue sky.  No clouds, no apparent smog, just clear blue air with nothing in it. What a wide expanse of empty space! As I looked up I thought about how I would like my mind to be clear like the sky when I meditate. I often feel like my mind is full of airplanes going this way and that, clouds absorbing my thoughts and then raining them back down on me unexpectedly. During the few moments that I feel like my mind is clear, it is relaxing and soothing like looking at the clear blue sky.

As I walked I thought about the spaces that appear to be clear and empty such as doorways, empty drawers, and the space between things. “Ma” is a Japanese word to describe the space between things. Is this “negative space” really empty? (If you look at the picture in the link for negative space, it is difficult to tell what is the negative space and what part is the picture.) The empty space is just as important as the rest of the picture. Space is no more empty than the clear blue sky.

In fact, the sky that looks like a clear blue space is actually full of wavelengths of light bumping into dust particles, bouncing off of water droplets, and absorbed into gas molecules. The blue sky is actually a result of the shorter blue wavelength of light being absorbed by gas molecules and then radiating out and scattering around the sky.  What appears to be a calm blue sky is really more of an action adventure.

My mind feels like the clear blue sky. Even when I attempt to clear my mind, and stop the traffic and visual cues, I still have brain synapses firing and energy radiating. As I learn to better meditate, my whole brain comes in sync as I relax. I can actually train my brain {15 minute video, "The Brain is a River not a Rock"} to work better through walking and meditation.

20 minutes walking

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cool As a Carrot

I got out for a walk this morning before the temperature reached 60 degrees. Walking felt effortless and energizing. What a difference from the warm weather walking that saps the life out of me. As I was walking, I thought about how the environment affects everyone so differently. Some people actually wait until it gets warm to go out!

Working effectively and freely may be dependent a great deal on how our temperament or style matches the environment we are working in. Just as soil and weather affect how well vegetables grow, our environment has an affect on the way we work. Each of us responds differently to our environments.

This morning I was anxious to go out and check on the peppers. They are different everyday. I was picking green peppers that were slightly spicy, then went out the next day and saw that they turned red. They were hot!

Peppers are like the people who thrive in the heat. When the weather warmed up the peppers loved it. I’m more like the carrot that likes the cool earth. The carrots begin to get tough and dry when the weather gets very warm. Peppers love dry hot sunshine. Just as each vegetable has its own mix of important vitamins, each personality style has an important contribution to the group.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Becoming a Writer

After reading my walking blog, a friend and colleague gave me a great compliment this morning. He said that as he was reading my blog he saw me as a writer rather than a friend. I made the transition from blogger to writer.

I’ve been writing a book for about three years. In the back of my mind I kept telling myself I wasn’t a writer. I didn’t have training in writing, and I didn’t have a regular writing schedule. I had ideas and materials that I had gathered and wanted to put  into a book. I knew it was self-defeating to tell myself I wasn’t a writer. In fact, I often didn’t want to get down to the work of writing. I wondered if I had wasted years of my life on something that wasn’t going to happen.

It was time to cut my losses and quit, or become a writer. For some reason I couldn’t quit the project. Maybe I just don’t like to quit. I had to become a writer. I listened to an audio excerpt from Robert Dilts’ book, “Strategies of Genius, Volume One.” Dilts described the environment that Mozart made for himself that allowed his creative genius to blossom.

As I looked around my office, I realized it was a great place to work and organize, but it wasn’t the best environment for developing my intuition and creativity. According to Dilts, Mozart walked, went outdoors, and had free time to allow his music to come to his mind. After hearing Mozart’s story, I decided to give myself an environment for creativity by walking and writing everyday. When I am outdoors walking, I use my senses, observe, relax, and create more brain activity. After walking for almost two months, practicing my craft, and getting feedback on my blog, I can say that I am a writer. That is what I do. I create an environment for writing and spend time doing it.

I spend time researching which I enjoy, as well as organizing and editing which I like much less, but now I have the ability to sit down and write at will. In the past I had to wait for the moment to hit me, but often the moment would pass before I could get to my computer or find a pen. Now I have to tell myself to, “Stop already!” This is a blog. I can write more tomorrow.

60 minutes walking

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Make Me Laugh!

I woke up this morning thinking that I didn’t want to walk. What could I write about that would be interesting. I decided to look for something that would make me laugh. If I couldn’t find anything, I would just have to laugh at myself. I saw a tree that looked a little funny, but it didn’t make me laugh. Later, at the bookstore I was looking over some psychology, business, marketing books and felt like most of them were pretty much the same things I had heard before. Then I picked up "The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It." What do you know? It made me laugh. It was not really new information, but it was a different perspective. I’ve read so many books and blogs on business, marketing, and entrepreneurship that I find it hard to get excited about reading another book. This one I will definitely read.

Humor, stories, and analogies get my attention and make me want to read on. Whether writing a story, business plan, or cover letter, you have to get the attention of the audience. The problem is that everyone is different. What makes me laugh may not seem funny at all to you. Knowing the strengths and vision of your customer, employer, or colleague will help you know what will get their attention. In fact, it’s true for all of our relationships.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Take It Up a Notch

A walking partner helps me “take it up a notch” and walk further and faster than I otherwise would. I often feel like I am walking fast until someone passes by with a quick stride and little effort. Then I realize I really could do more.

This morning I thought I could walk later, or just take a short walk. My husband didn't really want to walk either, but walking and talking we ended up taking a long walk. Having an accountability partner or team to work on a project or discipline is like having a walking partner. You can work together to more than one person alone.

A personal/career coach can help you "take it up a notch" by helping you find your purpose and goals. Your coach will challenge and encourage you to find and meet your goals, or change them. Contact LifeWork Coach, Nancy Miller, M.S., CCM to find out what a coach can do for you.

60 minutes walking

Friday, September 10, 2010


I set a goal to walk and write everyday. I sometimes walk outside, feel the cool breeze, grab my shoes and take off. But there are many days that I think I could walk later. Or at the end of the day I wonder why I ever started this blog. Because I set I goal, I follow through. The practice is helping my creativity and writing skills. If I broke my leg or had an emergency I might have to put off my goal temporarily. If I found that writing everyday was distracting me from my bigger projects, I might re-evaluate and change my goal to better fit my vision and purpose.

"Decision making should be as much a process for discovering goals as for acting on them." James March

I have other goals that I am not keeping as consistently as my walking and writing everyday goal. It's time to take a look at those goals and see if they are focused, realistic, and taking me where I want to go. If so, I need to find out if I am procrastinating, getting distracted, or have negative self-defeating thoughts about doing it.

Goals should be flexible, adaptable and leave room for growth.  Having a goal is like looking at a road map and determining a direction to start your adventure.  If you hit a roadblock or find a better route, you can change your path.  Depending on your personality, some people will want to set very clear, specific, goals and mark their progress along the way.  Others like to have a general direction and purpose and see where it takes them.  Completing your goals gives you a sense of accomplishment.Whatever your style, set some flexible goals and see where they take you.

My Goal Setting Principles
  • Believe in myself enough to set goals.
  • Make sure my goals fit my vision and purpose.  
  • Write down my goals and track my progress
  • Be accountable (preferably to someone else) for accomplishing my goals.  
  • Follow-up, evaluate and re-assess my goals so I won’t be setting myself up for failure.
  • Be willing to learn from each step of my growth process and change my goals when necessary to create a healthy balanced lifestyle.  

Share a goal for creating a healthier lifestyle. How do you stay on track?

45 minutes walking


    Thursday, September 9, 2010


    Writing and walking everyday is helping me with my self-expression and creativity, It was difficult at first to write quickly, produce something everyday, and get it out there quickly. I prefer to have time to think about things. But I sometimes think too long rather than taking a chance, relying on my intuition, and just seeing what happens.

    I find it even more difficult to talk off-the-cuff so to speak. I prefer a class or presentation that I can prepare for. It's even more difficult to talk about things that are personal or really important to me. Today I was listening to a Careerwell Tele-Interview with career expert H.B. Gelatt discussing his "Process of Illumination." Dr. Gelatt discussed his use of analogies in presentations and classes and asked participants to share their favorite analogies. I didn't want to miss the opportunity to mention the vegetable analogy I have been working on. I am in the process of organizing this analogy into a book, and felt like it was important to be able to say something briefly about it. I didn't feel comfortable coming up with a brief description of my analogy. My description wasn't adequate, and I wasn't comfortable saying it, but I took a chance and expressed myself.

    The more I  talk about my profession, my business, and my writing, the more I challenge myself to be better and motivate myself to get the work done. Walking and talking is an opportunity to improve communication skills while sharing ideas, business concepts, and personal strengths. Contact Nancy to set up a Walk About U! All it takes is a cell phone and a good pair of shoes to have a conversation that is all about you.

    30 minutes walking

    Wednesday, September 8, 2010

    In Memory of Pepper

    Things I learned from my dog Pepper...

    1. Simple rewards are the best.
    2. Be thankful for cool sunny days...
    3. And lots of water on hot days.
    4. Nothing's better than a brisk walk, except..
    5. Chasing squirrels for no reason.
    6. Grass is better if it's not wet.
    7. Cats usually run if you chase them, but not always.
    8. It's more fun to take a nap after playing.
    9. It's nice to ask before you touch.
    10. Some people act nice, some don't.

    I learned to be fascinated with nature and enjoy the simple pleasures from Pepper. He never missed a thing. Walking was his favorite past time, and he had a happy little strut whenever he went out.

    30 minutes walking

    Tuesday, September 7, 2010

    Joy of the Morning

    Heat soaked asphalt, roar of vehicles tumbling through lines and curves and arid skies filled my senses. Too loud to hear the birds, a podcast or a conversation, the sidewalk led to a crosswalk across 5 lanes of traffic.

    What a relief to cross back into the park with the dappled shadows of rustling leaves. As the cool breeze tempered the shaded sidewalk, the geese gathered and the birds scattered. Walking to the store I enjoyed the pleasures that many people miss.

    From the climate controlled closed vehicles rushing to their destinations, we miss the joy of the morning. I used to think it was a long walk to the store and something to be avoided whenever possible. Now I find it a privilege to have the opportunity to walk.

    60 minutes walking

    Monday, September 6, 2010


    Walking through the neighborhood, I see trees, green grass, a neighborhood park and lake. The community is making the effort to work with the existing natural environment while developing a neighborhood. People continue to litter and faithful neighbors clean it up. Although there is a good deal of thoughtlessness and abuse of the environment, I am optimistic about the future and the young people who are making a difference. As statistician Nic Marks says in the Happy Planet Index video, that if we invest in our relationships, get outside and walk, and give to others, we can make a happy planet. With all of the apocalyptic movies and news, it is refreshing to notice all the good we are doing, and then do more of it. Live in joy rather than fear, look around you, and share your blessings.

    I'm so impressed with the way my family respects nature and the environment. We walk, recycle, and take care of the environment as much as possible. My daughters inspire me when they reuse and recycle. They both use cloth diapers and avoid disposable plates and napkins most of the time. I remember a time when realized I could afford the convenience of paper plates, plastic bags for everything, and disposable utensils. I did away with the annoying dish washing and laundering napkins and dish towels. We had paper and plastic! Then came the realization that there wouldn't be room for all of the garbage if we just kept throwing everything away.

    Now we try to make a difference by learning to reuse and recycle. Habits are difficult to change, but when the heart if there, good things happen.

    20 minutes walking

    Sunday, September 5, 2010

    Sidewalk Calling

    For seven years I've often walked with my little dog, Pepper. There's nothing more energizing on a walk than to see the excitement of a dog who literally "lights up" when it's time to go out. Walking with Pepper, I learned to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of nature and all the adventures in walking. Besides the walk, there is the socializing that often comes with walking a dog. Someone would ask what kind of dog he is, a child would want to pet him, and no one could resist his little dog smile. I wrote this poem about walking with Pepper, not because I am a poet, but because walking is poetry.

    Sidewalk Calling

    A band of bushes
    Playing in the breeze
    Sidewalk calling
    What a tease
    Adventure lies ahead.

    The musty aroma of dust
    Dancing with the tracks
    Of life that stumbled through it
    But concrete masks its footprints
    Telling few secrets.

    A breeze
    Taking and giving
    Then blowing away.

    Pepper on a lead
    Head high
    Poised and panting
    Electric energy
    Pulsing through the leash.

    As the little dog passes
    The wonders of nature
    To a master lost in thoughts
    Awakened to a world
    Alive and thriving.

    30 minutes walking


    I've always found it difficult to just sit down and write, but since I have been outdoors walking, observing nature, and using my sense, I am tapping into my intuitive side. I can see the difference in my writing. I don't have to have everything planned out. I often don't know what I am going to say, I just start writing and let it flow.

    30 minutes walking

    Friday, September 3, 2010

    Geese, birds, and Fish

    Have you ever thought about starting a business? Do you wonder if you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? There are online quizzes, business books, and the Small Business Administration who can tell you whether or not you are a natural entrepreneur. But there are as many different types of entrepreneurs as there are people.

    As I walk through the park, I notice the birds foraging for building material, geese diving for fish or nibbling the surface greenery. They find food, make their homes, and travel. They gather, store, and build. They take charge of their needs.

    It's easy to wait by the phone for that magic phone call. A client, customer, or employer who wants your skills and is willing to pay for them. More often, we need to act as our own boss. In her book, "Become the CEO of You, Inc." executive Susan Bulkeley Butler says, "Make things happen for you, don't just let them happen to you." Just as the geese, birds, and fish forage for food and shelter, we need to go out and search for opportunities. Whether you work for yourself or someone else, you will do well to think of yourself as an entrepreneur.

    30 minutes walking

    Thursday, September 2, 2010


    I always enjoy a walk about with family. I often run into my daughter while taking a walk, and occasionally have a chance to take a long walk with her. We enjoy talking about the baby and all of the latest baby gear, her career, and her jewelry designs. It is a challenging time for young families with all of the uncertainties in work right now. It's more important than ever for families to support each other whenever they can. She is blessed with a great job where she can use her natural strengths to help others while balancing her family life. I am glad to be part of her support system.

    Families are often the primary network and support systems for entrepreneurs and employees. When family members respect each other and have clear lines of communication as ours does, we can trade off using our natural talents to help each other. I have the opportunity to spend some time watching my grandson while my daughter teaches a class. She is an excellent editor who helps me with my writing. My youngest daughter designed a logo for my business cards, and my husband takes photographs for my website and other projects. We've always spent time walking together. Walking outdoors is often our best time to communicate, share ideas, and events of the day.

    60 minutes walking

    Wednesday, September 1, 2010

    Tell What You Do

    I had a very enjoyable walk with a successful entrepreneur who told me about what she does. It can be difficult to explain in a brief conversation what you do. In my work, I often get clients through referrals or with people who have read my blogs. They just say they like what I do, what I wrote, or what I said. Easy! But explaining what I do to someone I don't know is a whole different story.

    Walking and talking is an excellent way to talk about your business. Just enough real time distractions while taking a relaxing walk. My walk went very quickly as I listened to an entrepreneur talk about why she decided to become an associate for a company and product she respects. I trust this entrepreneur because she is a friend and sister with integrity. Sharing with friends and family through walking, lunches, and conversation focused on the product and business are the easiest ways to market a product or service.

    At some point, most of us need to move beyond the familiar to grow our businesses. That is the time we need to start thinking about our marketing strategies. Do I want to go to networking meetings, associations, socials, Chamber of Commerce meetings to let people know about my business? Will cold calling produce results? How much should I spend on advertising?

    These are excellent subjects for discussion on a Walk About U!

    60 minutes walking