Tuesday, September 28, 2010


After hours of beach walking, and pushing myself up steep inclines, I didn’t want to walk today. It seemed like a silly commitment to walk everyday, especially when I have to make the transition from the cool breezes of beach walking to the triple digit evening temperatures back home. 

I can come up with so many reasons for not walking. I know that if I skip a day when I’m able to walk, I will lose my incentive. That is one of the reasons for setting a goal, making a commitment, and being accountable for reaching it.

A short 20-minute walk offered a good stretch to my legs that were a little tight from the weekend walking. Setting such a bold long-term goal as walking everyday for a year, while not difficult in itself, at times seems unnecessary. But without my goal, I wouldn’t have walked outdoors most days during the hot summer. I know that many of you walk or jog when it’s hot, but I don’t. When I was in Dayton, Ohio one winter, I took my grandson for a walk when it was 5-degrees outside. It was a little eerie with no one out, but I found it very pleasant. After stretching myself this summer, I will look forward to fall and winter.

20 minutes walking

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