Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Getting There

While cleaning out my files, I found this poem I had written some time ago. I'm not sure how poetic it is, but it reminded me of how it feels so different to use different modes of transportation. In fact, I can go the same place and it feels completely different if I get there by car, bus, or foot. When I'm out walking, as much as possible I walk through parks, past creeks or lakes, and through the shade of trees. There are times I walk across busy streets and close to traffic. I get a different perspective of my neighborhood, city, and country depending on my mode of travel.

Rumbling rattling
Roaring engine
Running tripping
Out of breath

Wet windy
Freezing cold
Talking walking
Laugh out loud

Flying landing
Bags on board
Bus plane
Nature walk

Hot cold
Much at ease
Meeting working
Just for fun

Best and worst is getting there

30 minutes walking

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