Sunday, September 4, 2011

Science Begins Outdoors

I recently took some fresh green figs to work to share. I had them in a clear container. When I asked a fellow worker if she would like to try one. She said she thought it was spinach. They are both green, but quite a different look. Are we loosing our sense about what our food looks like?

I read an article about how kids need to get outside and experience nature to learn about science. One scientist explained:

“In a few years there will be nobody left to identify several major groups of marine organisms,” he said. “I wish I were exaggerating.” Paul Dayton, Scripps Marine Life Research Group

Far from exaggerating, I'm afraid that many young people today are not even familiar with fresh vegetables and how food grows.

Young children love to walk, observe, and explore. They are so excited about a wild flower the wind, and rain. Science at its best begins outdoors. As Richard Louv says, "Want your kids to get into Harvard? Tell ’em to go outside.