Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Path

I tend to take the path I know. I’m so used to it that I know how long it takes to get to different points on the path. I know what to expect. It’s smooth, paved and well worn. What could I say new about the same old path? I could say that I hadn’t done anything different today.

I was listening to Michael Margolis podcast on storytelling, and thought about the path I was on. What was my story about the path? The first thing I noticed about my path was that I was on it. There was a whole field of grass out there. What would happen if I stepped off the path and went out into the open field? Ok. This sounds pretty lame. I’m at a park! But the truth is, when I took off into the field, I started running. It was bumpy and lumpy. I wasn’t sure if I would run into a whole soggy wet area that had been over watered or if it would remain warm and dry. I ran this way and that looking silly like a child. It was fun!

I walked back to the familiar path and almost got run over by a bicycle. Then smiled at a stranger who passed by. There were really more obstacles on the familiar well traveled path than there were in the open field. As I organize, plan, and try to maintain a sense of order in my life, I need to step out into the unfamiliar sometimes. Even with the best laid plans, obstacles come across my path. The plans that should go so smoothly are more like the familiar path with bikes whizzing by and branches with sticks on the path. The open field gave me more opportunities to run and think freely. As I think about my life path, I want to make room for some open fields, running, and playing.

30 minutes walking

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