Sunday, September 19, 2010

Thank You!

The outdoors invites gratitude into my heart and mind. Even when I am not feeling appreciative, I can't help but relax and say a prayer of thanks for the beauty I see, all that I have, and especially for friends and family. I appreciate all of the support for walking and writing that I have gotten from friends, family and colleagues. Remembering to say, "Thank you" is a healthy habit that may come naturally for some people, but for others of us, gratitude is a practice and a habit. I often get notes from my mother telling me something she liked about one of my posts. I wrote her this brief note of appreciation.

          Have I told you lately that I am glad you are my Mom?
          My creative ability comes from you, so I'm glad you like it.
          Encouragement and inspiration comes from you, so I'm glad you keep giving it.
          Dogged determination comes from my Dad. Glad you married him.

"Taking time to appreciate your mother for all the care she provided growing up; reconnecting with an old friend to express your gratitude for always being there for you; seeking out and thanking a favorite teacher who helped you grow – specific acts of gratitude can have a variety of positive consequences..." Pursuit-of-Happiness.

"Beyond emotions, there is evidence that gratitude is associated with pleasant physical sensations, as well. Algoe and Haidt (2009) found that people experienced pleasant muscle relaxation when recalling situations in which they’d felt grateful. It is apparent that the mere act of giving thanks can have remarkable impact on a person’s well-being." from Pursuit-of-Happiness

Practicing thankfulness with family and friends will also have benefits in your work or job search. It's easy to remember to send that thank you note for an interview, a conversation with a prospective employer, or a colleague who recommended you if you are already in the habit of saying thanks.  

"Counting your blessings will benefit yourself and your organization." Gratitude at Work

Having an attitude of gratitude at work improves performance, optimism, and general health. A Walk About U! is a great opportunity to talk about things you are grateful for, what makes you happy, and how to share your joy with others.

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