Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cool As a Carrot

I got out for a walk this morning before the temperature reached 60 degrees. Walking felt effortless and energizing. What a difference from the warm weather walking that saps the life out of me. As I was walking, I thought about how the environment affects everyone so differently. Some people actually wait until it gets warm to go out!

Working effectively and freely may be dependent a great deal on how our temperament or style matches the environment we are working in. Just as soil and weather affect how well vegetables grow, our environment has an affect on the way we work. Each of us responds differently to our environments.

This morning I was anxious to go out and check on the peppers. They are different everyday. I was picking green peppers that were slightly spicy, then went out the next day and saw that they turned red. They were hot!

Peppers are like the people who thrive in the heat. When the weather warmed up the peppers loved it. I’m more like the carrot that likes the cool earth. The carrots begin to get tough and dry when the weather gets very warm. Peppers love dry hot sunshine. Just as each vegetable has its own mix of important vitamins, each personality style has an important contribution to the group.

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