Sunday, September 26, 2010

Being There

I’ve used many words to describe the ocean. I would watch the waves and think of all of the words that describe the color and motion. Today I looked at the action of the waves and decided to just watch and listen, feel the cool air on my face and the warmth on my back. Every time a word came into my mind, I let it go. I stood just listening and watching. Being a part of it rather than making it a part of me. Being in the moment. I always had trouble with that concept. But standing on the beach, feeling the beneath my feet and absorbing the sights and sounds in my senses I was just being there.

While practicing visualization, I would notice the light, shadows, colors, and sounds. It was important to name them and take them with me so that I could picture them later. While visualization is a great exercise, just being there and not worrying about what I would take with me was a more spiritual exercise. Rather than taking a picture of the ocean, I absorbed a sense of it.

As a coach, my goal is to be there. First to let the waves flow across the beach, see what’s there, and then let it flow back to you. Like the ocean you are ever changing ever flowing. You have a wealth of knowledge, experience, talents, and skills to draw on. I can help you pull out what you want and send back what you are finished with.

Beach walking (not counting the minutes)

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