Thursday, September 16, 2010


It’s amazing to do the same thing and see it in a totally different light. I’ve been working on the same writing project for over a year. It’s starting to get old, and I realized I’m losing interest. What could I do to add freshness and a new perspective to an old idea?

As I starting walking this morning, I wondered how I could see the same walk in a different light. It was so obvious. A glaring ray of sunlight blinded my path. It wasn’t there yesterday. It’s the sun that makes the same walk different everyday. I decided to notice the affect the morning sun had on my environment. The bright green grass glistened with droplets sparkling in the sunlight. I could imagine fairies firing off their magic spells. By afternoon the grass was a deep earthy green. The light was dim as it filtered through the thick tree branches. A flock of birds left dark patches on the sidewalk as they glided through the air. The light from the sun was bright and glaring, warm and earthy, and blocked by birds all in one day. 

Looking at the sunlight from so many different perspectives made me realize that I can look at my project through a different lens and bring new light to my writing. Through walking and observing nature, I am learning to use my senses to find something  new and interesting everyday.

60 minutes walking

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