Thursday, September 9, 2010


Writing and walking everyday is helping me with my self-expression and creativity, It was difficult at first to write quickly, produce something everyday, and get it out there quickly. I prefer to have time to think about things. But I sometimes think too long rather than taking a chance, relying on my intuition, and just seeing what happens.

I find it even more difficult to talk off-the-cuff so to speak. I prefer a class or presentation that I can prepare for. It's even more difficult to talk about things that are personal or really important to me. Today I was listening to a Careerwell Tele-Interview with career expert H.B. Gelatt discussing his "Process of Illumination." Dr. Gelatt discussed his use of analogies in presentations and classes and asked participants to share their favorite analogies. I didn't want to miss the opportunity to mention the vegetable analogy I have been working on. I am in the process of organizing this analogy into a book, and felt like it was important to be able to say something briefly about it. I didn't feel comfortable coming up with a brief description of my analogy. My description wasn't adequate, and I wasn't comfortable saying it, but I took a chance and expressed myself.

The more I  talk about my profession, my business, and my writing, the more I challenge myself to be better and motivate myself to get the work done. Walking and talking is an opportunity to improve communication skills while sharing ideas, business concepts, and personal strengths. Contact Nancy to set up a Walk About U! All it takes is a cell phone and a good pair of shoes to have a conversation that is all about you.

30 minutes walking

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