Monday, September 20, 2010


I walked past the rose bushes in front of our house. I stopped to admire one beautiful rose that always catches my eye. I thought about bringing this perfect rose into the house, but left it outside to unfold naturally. The rose is complex and sophisticated. A few days ago it was a tight bud with sharp thorns. Each day as I walk outside I watch it transform into a paper-thin delicate flower.

When I walk past the roses they remind me that they need some attention. One or two stalks grow out over the sidewalk ready to grab me with their prickly touch if I ignore them for too long. I handle them carefully when I want to cut a bud or trim back the bush. Are roses worth the effort?

Left unattended, the roses overstep their boundaries. They sometimes attract unwanted pests if they are ignored. Roses, like relationships, need regular attention or they will wilt and dry up. Just like my special relationships that are sometimes prickly, but often fragrant, the rose is unique like no other flower. They are worth the effort.

60 minutes walking

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