Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I enjoyed a “Walk About” with a friend and colleague on the subject of happiness. As counselors, we analyze ourselves, make observations, advocate for people in crisis, and listen to problems. It’s very easy to over analyze and even become somewhat pessimistic especially if we spend too much time behind a desk. Getting outside and walking, sharing feelings with other professionals, and finding opportunities to bring joy into our lives can help us stay positive and bring hope to our clients. Answering the simple question, "What makes you happy?" can make you happier. Thinking back on happy moments, and talking about what you did, and how it made you feel can help you capture the same positive feelings in your work and other areas of your life.

As a coach, I focus on strengths, goals, plans, and challenges. I often work with creative entrepreneurs who are looking for focus, accountability, inspiration, motivation, and direction. As a coach, it is much easier to stay positive and build healthy habits. It’s part of my job.

A Walk About U! is a great opportunity to brainstorm ideas, de-stress, and reflect on your life and work. Contact Nancy Miller to schedule a walking conversation with a LifeWork Coach and see how much better you feel.

50 minutes walking

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