Monday, August 2, 2010

What do you hear?

The things I hear or don't hear depend on what my ears and mind are tuned in to. Often I hear the things that are loudest or that I am most interested in. Today I started my walk and heard machines, cars, and dogs. Then I wondered if there were sounds I was missing. I listened again and heard the breeze blowing in my ears. I had never before noticed the sound of a breeze. A wind whistling through the windows is hard to miss, but a soft breeze flowing past my ear could easily be lost. Without tuning in to the subtle voice of the breeze, the birds and the rustling leaves, I could easily miss the most beautiful sounds. When I really listened I could hear the quiet between the cacophony of sound.

It's very easy to miss the whisper of a loved one or the sigh of a child. The body language, the facial expressions and nuances are often lost in the noisy busyness of everyday life. Listen again. What do you hear?

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110 minutes walking

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