Friday, August 6, 2010


We just got a new security door for our entry. It's a nice white design with a black screen. As I was taking my walk, I wondered what kind of doors people were using. I realized I have never paid much attention to doors, although they either welcome or block people from entering. Doors come in a variety of colors and shapes. Some have big handles and double doors that seem to shout, "Come in!" Other doors are recessed and barely visible from the outside of the house. Patios, eaves, and porches often give some protection against the elements. Security doors screen out unwanted guests while bars act as a barrier to the outsider.

What kind of door do you have to your home? Does your door look like an open invitation or a "Do not disturb sign?" Does your door reflect your openness to others? I wanted a door that screened out unwanted guests but didn't bar people from coming in. I'm kind of like that in my relationships. I like to get to know someone before I open the door to my heart and my home. It's too easy for me to keep the screen door closed and then wonder why I don't have any visitors. Walking outdoors, feeling healthy, and saying hello to my neighbors brings out my friendly good nature. Today a neighbor said hello and asked me how my family was. How pleasant!

Having a walking phone conversation and sharing ideas with someone you are not familiar with is a great way to stay motivated to walk while improving your communication skills. How much do you want to let people in, and how much protection do you need? Let's talk about it. Contact Nancy by email to set up a walking phone conversation with a professional coach.

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