Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Good Habits

I've been walking 20 minutes to over an hour everyday for the last 31 days. I am building healthy habits one at a time. I've made walking everyday a habit. I'm working at eating healthier. For the next month my goal is to conquer my sweet tooth and spend at least 5 minutes clearing my mind in meditation. Seems simple, but good habits take time to develop, and need constant attention to keep up. I value time freedom, and I don't like to follow a schedule, but my freedom has led to some unhealthy habits.

I've been using this blog for accountability to keep walking, and I will use my "Good Habits Record" to keep track of the good habits I am developing. I need tools for accountability to build good habits while things are going well. I find that developing healthy walking habits is easy while the weather is nice, we have cool morning breezes, and sunshine. But healthy habits help me build my stamina for when the rain and storms come.

Practicing a healthy lifestyle and building supportive relationships create the resilience I will need to get through the tougher times. Change happens. I plan to be ready for it.

50 minutes walking

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  1. Yay for you! We do need to build our strength before the storms come.


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