Friday, August 27, 2010


I would have missed them. About a hundred wads of cotton scattered on the branches of trees overlooking the water. Egrets flying, sitting on the water, and in the trees. What a sight!

My husband is comfortable outdoors, and we have most of our conversations on walks. I was talking, oblivious to all of the sights around me. Seeing trees, people, and dogs are sometimes all that I notice. As we walked closer to the water, I was amazed at all of the birds that appeared. I hadn't seen them the day before.

I've been inspired by my walking partner to enjoy conversations while moving rather than always sitting in a comfy chair or at my desk. I used to feel that the outdoors brought constant interruptions to important thoughts and ideas. Now I can feel the ebb and flow of nature as I stimulate my creativity. Interruptions are natural. Thoughts continue to flow--maybe in a different direction. The new direction may be even better than where the conversation began. As in nature, nothing is lost, it is remade and renewed.

45 minutes walking

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