Friday, August 20, 2010

Walk Don't Wait

I sometimes take relaxing walks just for the fun of it, but more often I like to have a purpose and a place to go. If I am in a hurry it is even better. I like to walk to meet someone, go to an appointment or job, or have a cup of coffee.

Today I took a nice walk to the coffee shop to meet my sister. After my appointment I could have just hung around and waited, but I hate waiting. It's so much more fun to walk--especially when I have a destination. As I anticipated a pleasant conversation with a good friend who just happens to be my sister, I thought about the many times that it is so much better to walk than to wait.

Waiting for an elevator is boring when I can just walk up the stairs. Why stand in one place while waiting for a bus or carpool? Walking, stretching, or even pacing is more interesting than just waiting. I enjoy walking past a few bus stops or taking a detour to take in the cool morning air. After walking at a fast pace down the main street of Old Town, seeing the shops I hadn't noticed before, a Fire Station, and the always familiar golden arches, I enjoyed relaxing with a Chai Tea Latte.

20 minutes walking

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  1. It was fun sitting and relaxing with a coffee for a few minutes. How often does that happen? Not often enough! Your sis.


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