Sunday, August 1, 2010

Color Your Day

A river flowing, paddles rippling through water, and a tug pulling a boat. Sails were flapping as I soared through my walk. It is a well worn path I often travel on paved streets, under shaded trees and through bright sun to a destination that I am all too familiar with. I can feel the sun on my back as I watch random leaves falling from the trees. My senses are alert but not captivated.

A picture comes to my mind of a coloring page I recently printed out that depicts a river making a path past trees and through the hills. As I looked at the street I saw a flowing river instead of a road. A man raking his leaves appeared to be rowing down the river using his rake for oars. I saw a dog walking a woman, and I pictured a little tug pulling a boat. "What else do I need in the picture?" I asked myself. The leaves swaying above the trees were the perfect sails for gliding along my path.

There are so many ways I can color my days. When my day feels dull and ordinary or I feel feel a little down, I can add color to my day. When I need a new adventure, I use my imagination to add new colors to the scenery. Color can brighten or dull my senses and make an ordinary day extraordinary.

Take a Walk About U! and color your day.

30 minutes walking

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