Sunday, August 22, 2010

Grateful for my feet

I find that Sunday is often a day for reflection, thankfulness, and gratitude. I've learned to have an "attitude of gratitude" most of the time, but I have periodic lapses into taking the good things in life for granted. I wasn't born cheerful and optimistic, but I was blessed with a mother who has a cheerful disposition.

This morning I read the news that one fifth of Pakistan is under water. At our Sunday service, I heard about the 2,000 caregiver kits that Rwanda requested for children and families devastated by the Aids epidemic--none were sent. I looked at the basic supplies that were being sent this week in 1,000 kits. Things we take for granted like soap, a flashlight, and Vaseline.

As I went for a short walk this evening, I thought about how thankful I am for my feet. I can walk, share a conversation, and enjoy caring relationships. I have the ability to bring happiness into my life and bring a glimmer of hope to others. Keep walking and have happy feet!

20 minutes walking

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