Saturday, August 21, 2010


“It feels like fall this morning.” That was all I needed to hear. The anticipation of going out on a cool or even cold morning quickened my step.  The fall like morning was even better than I had imagined. The overcast sky and the cold air welcomed me as I stepped outside earlier than usual.

The sky was a mixture of gray clouds with sprinkles of white on the edges. Small patches of blue showed a slight glow from the rising sun. It looked like rain, but it was August. It doesn’t rain here in August. If it had been September I might have thought about an umbrella, but it doesn’t rain in August.

Because it was still summer, I expected the clouds to blow away and the sun to bring in a pleasantly warm day. As I looked at the heavy clouds in the sky, I thought about my expectations for the day, the week, and the year. I also have expectations for my family, my spouse, and my friends.

As I neared my house the clouds were beginning to clear. The trees in the distance glowed from the morning sun. In a matter of minutes the morning looked completely different, changing from dark clouds to bright sunshine.  I couldn’t predict the weather from looking at the sky. I had plans, meetings, and friends to see. What would I bring to this day?

I was reminded again by nature that I never really know what to expect. Rather than basing my joy on the expectation of events the environment or other people, I can bring out the sunshine anytime and make the day brighter for everyone.

25 minutes walking


  1. Among my favorites of God's gifts are clouds. I look up everyday for them. Beautiful to me.

  2. And different everyday--sometimes by the minute!


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