Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Slowing Down Time

Before taking a walk today, I spent 5 minutes in meditation clearing my mind of thoughts, plans, and worries. I remember a time when I had disciplined myself to spend 30 minutes in meditation. Today five minutes seemed like forever. I must have spent several seconds in relaxing meditation, and then my mind was all over the place. I know the value of meditation for my health, creativity, and relaxation but it's been difficult to get back in the habit. It's worth the effort.

Taking time to walk outside and watch the still clouds that seem to have a peaceful quiet language, reminds me that there are more important things than those that I am filling my mind with. Walking with my dog for 40 minutes while having a nice conversation sent the time flying. It seems like as the days get shorter the time just flies by. I will look forward to spending more time in quiet meditation to slow down time.

40 minutes

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  1. It seems like a constant balancing act to add spiritual and mental health and wellbeing into my busy life. But like you said it is well worth the effort!


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