Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cool August mornings

Cool August mornings in Sacramento. What a surprise! The cool breezes and cold air are perfect for walks. I enjoy being outdoors in perfect weather. I’m comfortable, energized, and inspired. What could be more fabulous!

Actually I’m wondering if our produce is enjoying this beautiful weather as much as I am. While I’m basking in comfort, the figs aren’t ripening and the tomatoes are a little more pale than usual.

Could a little discomfort actually be good for growth? I can work away in the comfort of my office while my legs get stiff and my neck is tight. If I really want to enjoy myself I’ll have a crunchy sweet or salty snack and clog my arteries while I’m at it. But is all of this comfort creating personal growth and long-term health?

Now walking in perfect weather has it’s perks and the health benefits are there. Actually getting a little too warm, breaking a sweat, or taking myself a little farther than I would like to go builds stamina and character. A little stress is healthy (eustress) while too much at once is not (distress.) So I am really working on having balance in my life with more frequent smaller and healthier meals and exercise to build myself up rather than stressing out.  Understanding my values and what is really important to me will help me push myself in the right direction.  

60 minutes walking

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