Monday, August 9, 2010

Obstacles in My Path

As I started my walk I wondered what I could possibly find to write about today. I took my usual path down our street. Then I came to the annoying motorcycle our neighbor has been parking in the middle of the sidewalk. To make matters worse, he parks his car on the street next to the motorcycle. Should I squeeze through the narrow passage or walk in the street to go around? I might ask him to move it, but in the past I haven’t had good experiences with polite requests to conform to my idea of neighborliness.

I decided to put on my good attitude and squeeze between the vehicles. I can either be annoyed or decide it doesn’t bother me (although I had to admit that it did.) As I crossed the street I realized I could go down a different street. I always walk the same way without thinking about having other options, so I just keep pressing through.

I made the motorcycle an obstacle when it was really only a challenge to think in a different way. If a dog was running at me ready to take a chunk out of my arm, then that would be an obstacle. An object in my path is only a challenge to my normal routine.

30 minutes walking

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  1. Who would I be without the challenges in life? I don't even want to think about that! It's not comfortable for sure but I am definitely a better person because of it!


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