Thursday, August 26, 2010


Have you noticed that the same path can be a new experience when you share it with someone? Today I had a wonderful Walk About U! with a colleague. Walking through the park while listening to great ideas, reflections on recent events, and exciting program development, made this morning's walk unique. Walking increases my metabolism, energy, and endorphins while a stimulating conversation enhances my brain cells. Couldn't be a better combination.

Collaborating has so many benefits. We tend to think of our work or job search as a competitive process, but the more we collaborate and affiliate, the better our work and outreach becomes. By collaborating with colleagues I grow my practice, give to the community, and increase my professionalism.

After my stimulating walk this morning, I enjoyed a CareerWell tele-interview on Workforce Development. The speaker, Ron Elsdon, spoke about successful companies that build affiliations and partnerships. Whether we are building our own business or searching for a job that will develop the skills we want to use, creating a partnership mentality for mutual benefit is more important then individual effort alone. Join me for a Walk About U! to improve your physical and mental well-being. Use Contact form or email to set up a time convenient for you.

45 minutes walking

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