Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Quiet Moment

It’s not uncommon for people to ask me why I would want to meditate. What is the value of clearing my mind? If my mind is full of old ideas, things to do, fears, and concerns, then where will my mind find room for new perspectives and growth? It felt freeing to let go of things that were on my mind. I actually enjoyed my 5 minutes of meditation before my walk

As I walked around the little lake, I could see that a thin layer of deep green algae had formed around the edge of the water. I looked across the water and saw very little of the clear blue water I have come to enjoy. Instead there was what appeared to be a golden blanket with a little strip of blue peaking out. The blanket covered the still water as it sat languidly in the sun.

I couldn’t help but compare my cluttered mind to the fuzzy golden blanket covering the lake. Just as I had let my mind become crowded with “shoulds,” “coulds,” and “maybe thens,” the lake was filling up with its own covering. Just as the lake needs to move and flow to sparkle against the blue sky, I need to allow my mind to clear out and flow with new ideas.

60 minutes walking

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