Saturday, August 28, 2010

Signs of Fall

The evening brought leaves scattering in the breeze. Signs of fall after a week of August heat. In her book, Seasons of Change, Carol McClelland has an exercise where you go for a walk and look for signs of the current season mixed with signs of the coming season. It's an excellent exercise in observation recognizing that as much as we like to hold on to things the way they are, they are always changing. Late August and early September are full of signs of changing seasons. Today was one of those days. The season seemed to change three times in one day. Learning to expect and enjoy change is one of the gifts from nature.

The seasons remind us that change is constant. One of the tenants of a career program called “The Real Game” is, “Change is constant, and brings with it new opportunities.” Sudden unexpected changes can cause distress, especially when we are expecting things to stay the same. Expecting change with its ups and downs, preparing for change, and building resilience paves the path for new opportunities. Losses are the most difficult changes to prepare for and live with. Maintaining a positive network of support and giving to others without fear of rejection will help us recover from the rough spots life brings us. Fall reminds me to shed old or unnecessary thoughts, beliefs, and stuff to freely embrace change.

2o minutes walking.

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