Friday, October 1, 2010

Last Year's Seeds

This year we planted seeds that were left over from our planting last year. Some of the plants were hardy enough to produce, but many of the vegetables were not as robust this year. I realized that lately I have been planting old seeds in my work. In organizing the material I have written over the last five years, I have been capturing work from the past. That is fine, but it is getting dry and lacking flavor. In looking through my writing, I realized that through practice and experience, I have grown and blossomed over the last few years.

After watering the vegetables, and seeing how old seeds often give root to limp vegetables, I can see that holding onto last year’s writing, thoughts, and ideas without letting them grow is creating pithy results.

Yesterday I just started writing to see how it would grow and develop. I liked it! It was fresh and fun. Then I added some of the old material that has been tested successfully. Whether in writing, business, or relationships, it’s healthy to bring in new growth and test the current. Using past experience we often feel like we know what works and what doesn’t. Let’s stick with what is safe. What we know. I’ve found that I can take what I know from the past and grow out of that into something fresh and unique.

Walking outdoors reminds me that things change. The sky may have dark clouds in the morning and warm sunshine a few minutes later. I hang pictures on my wall to capture moments in time, I buy solid furniture that stays in one place, but when I go outdoors I see the evolution (patterns of movement) of space, sound, color, and air flow.

30 minutes walking

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