Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Dancing, twirling, flipping, hopping. The leaves toss and swirl in the early October breeze. I watch and laugh and add a little zing to my step. The clamor of activity is refreshing, calming, and energizing at the same time. This morning I needed some relaxing energy to de-stress while getting ready for a meeting after a busy weekend. A few jumping jacks did the trick. Calisthenics improve balance, coordination, and decrease stress.

  Besides all of the health benefits, calisthenics are great for teaching an active child to count. Preschool children love to count as they jump, touch their toes or even run and put their toys away. Running, jumping, hopping, and skipping are great for the brain and health .
Just watch the leaves and follow their example.

70 minutes walking


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