Sunday, October 17, 2010


We enjoyed a lovely rainy day at the Cosumnes River Preserve today honoring my husband and all of the volunteers who work so hard to welcome visitors, give tours, and maintain the environment around the wetlands. We enjoyed family time and lunch under the roof of the barn. I was looking forward to cooler weather and possibly a few sprinkles. It started raining as we drove out to the preserve, and by the time we got there it was pouring. Our 6-month old grandson got his first look at the rain up close and personal (wet!) I love the rain but thought we would miss the Sand Crane fly over. After lunch we were optimistic and decided to take a walk around the wetlands and see how the weather faired.

The rain gradually dwindled, and we watched the ducks swim around the marsh surrounded by the green tules. Under a cloudy fall sky we saw Sand Hill Cranes and the snowy Great Egret. The waterfowl were enjoying the weather as much as we were. We drove to Stanton Island to watch the fly over of the Sand Hill Cranes. As I looked out in the field, I was impressed by the community of cranes, egrets, geese, and swallows each with their own language and activities. The swallows flew back and forth over the field looking for food while the large white egrets held their ground. They might slowly move a little or crane their necks looking for food, but the egrets mainly stay in the same place while the swallows fluttered around. The geese flew in formation and the cranes chattered as their group formed and transformed. The cranes seemed to be talking to one neighbor and then moving ahead to talk to another as they flew across the field. Tree Swallows filled sections of the field in dense groups.

Observing the activity in the air and field, I could imagine the birds having personalities and communities like people. Some people find security in finding a place that has the resources they need and then settling in. Others move around even within a community looking here and there for the best and most interesting loot. Some of us like to chatter and move around the group as we work and travel while others stay in a uniform formation or working process.

We had rain, clouds, and a beautiful sunset as we watch the birds fly over. Even the rabbits and squirrels were out salvaging their dinner in the wet grass. We talked about wildlife, photography, and business and we enjoyed a lovely “Walk About” at the Cosumnes River Preserve. Changes in weather and environments are great opportunities to enjoy a walk outdoors. Call Nancy if you would like to schedule a Walk About U!

30 minutes walking

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