Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Few Simple Steps

Have you ever watched people as they walk? Everyone has their own stride. There are those who walk straight, fast, and get the job done with little interference from what is going on around them. Others stop to look at birds, geese, and leaves. Our stories unfold as we observe, interpret, and describe our lives. Most of us have a process we go through before going on a walk whether we are walking alone, with children, or pets. I usually collect my keys, phone, sunglasses, and iPod, put on my walking shoes, and lock up the house. I just do it. I don't necessarily think of it as my "process" for taking a walk. In the same way as I started writing articles, blogs, and stories, I didn't think about the process I was going through. In fact, my methods were quite haphazard at times. Now I realize there is a method to the madness, and I am following a few simple steps to get a book written. You can follow my process and find information and links on writing and publishing on my writing blog at:

As I look back at my walking journal, I can see my writing improve. I find it very exciting to spark my senses, find joy everyday, and write about what I see and feel. We each have a different style of walking, writing, and processing. That's what makes life so interesting!

20 minutes walking

106 days

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