Saturday, October 2, 2010

Embracing My Goals

Today I decided I would embrace my goals rather than procrastinating. I decided to start each day with at least a short walk and not put it off until the end of the day. I sometimes wait until evening, my favorite time to walk. But other things can come up which may make it difficult to get out before dark.

I can see signs of fall and winter coming. It will get dark earlier, and there may be storms later in the day. I need to decide if this goal is important to me, embrace my goal, and enjoy it early. By putting off something that I decided was important to me, I leave it hanging over my head all day. Rather than something I have to do, I will consider it a pleasure to get out every morning.

Goals should enhance my life, rather than being a burden. If my goals don’t motivate me to take action on things that are important to me, then I need to rethink my goals.

20 minutes walking

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