Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Walking Journal

This blog is my story. There is so much about my story that I can create and control myself. Characters come in and out of my story. Some characters I keep and develop into deep relationships while other characters pass through my life, and I let them go. I decide what I want to include in my story. Sure there are villains and heroes and people to save. I can choose to be the hero of my story, and what direction to begin my journey. I write things out of my story if they are no longer working for me. I have stories from my past that I file away on an upper shelf where they get dusty and I rarely visit them.

Writing my walking journal is a way of telling my story and developing the “brand” of who I am. It’s easy to read about the value of walking outdoors, being optimistic, and grateful. Walking my story makes it real. Everyday I am more optimistic, I am happier, and healthier regardless of whether my story that day is a comedy or drama. Get outdoors and start your own walking journal.

60 minutes walking 

105 days


  1. Very inspired, and inspiring. A perfect message this morning.

  2. Thank you Diana. Enjoy your day!


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