Saturday, October 23, 2010

Weather Changes

The day began with rain so I didn’t walk in the morning as I often do. A cool rainy Saturday morning has a very different affect on me than a sunny Monday morning. Just as the weather affects my mood, energy, and plans for the day, anything in the environment can have an impact on our lives and activities.

Rainy days are great for writing, talking, catching up on paperwork, and contemplating. I really enjoy rainy days. You can walk in the rain or try to catch a break in the weather. So much variety. Pouring rain, fog, and hail have a very different affect. When extreme weather or circumstances hit, there are concerns for safety, security, and whether you can actually continue with normal activities. If a crisis or extreme weather occurs, it’s time to take on a minimum amount of activities, find support, and protect yourself.

Pay attention to the weather. Enjoy the light rains, get your exercise, and plan for the occasional bad weather.

50 minutes walking

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