Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Simple Thought

Walking stirs up my brain like waves reshaping the sands in the sea. I can almost feel the synapses firing. Like a flash, a thought or idea comes into my head while I’m walking, as if it were carried in by the wind. I don’t own it. If it were truly mine I would know where it came from and it would remain with me.

Such a simple thought, but the words come together in perfect order.  And then they are gone without a trace. If I had a pen and pad around my neck, I might capture the precious words. The devices so convenient are not at hand when they are needed.

I’ll wait for the breeze to carry it back in a new shape, form, or insight. Maybe tomorrow.

30 minutes walking

1 comment:

  1. That happens to me quite often. I know some people put paper and pencil by their bed to write down thoughts in the night or when they wake up. I rarely think of things when it is convenient to write down! I am glad you are writing consistently. It is inspiring!


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