Saturday, October 16, 2010

Go Fish!

Have you heard of the fish guys who turned a lousy stinking job into something fun and entertaining? You’ve probably heard of Pike Place Fish Market where people travel for miles just to be entertained by fish. The attitude of the “Fish Philosophy” is summed up by the question, “Is my attitude helping my team or my customers? Is it helping me to be the person I want to be?” I need to ask myself everyday if my attitude is helping me become who I want to be. If not, I change it.

Choosing to find joy in doing things I know I need to do is a goal of mine this year. One reason I started the “Walk About U!” was to make regular walking fun. It was something I knew I needed to do, so I made up my mind to walk everyday. Often I didn’t really want to do what I knew I needed to do. So I invited people to walk with me and brainstorm business ideas, talk about their vision and purpose, and share ways they can bring joy to their lives. It was fun! If I’m not walking with someone, I listen to an audiobook or podcast. Sometimes I just listen to what is around me. It’s a great time to find spiritual strength and relax. Having a time to de-stress is as important as eating healthy and having regular medical checkups. Being healthy and happy has a lot to do with attitude and lifestyle. Grab your shoes and cell phone and take a "Walk About U!"

20 minutes walking

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