Saturday, October 9, 2010


A flock of birds, a gaggle of geese, or families walking together. The outdoors is a favorite place to socialize for animals and humans. I started the day with a nice walk with a cousin from out of state and ended the day with a family celebration. Sitting outside on a cool fall evening, the conversations get animated and we wonder if our little group is getting too loud. We are social beings. We've learned ways to live in groups, support each other, and just have fun. I wonder if the animals ever laugh as loud as we do. Do they have family gatherings that span four or more generations? I suspect that in their own way many animals live in groups while protecting and supporting each other. They just don't have to shop, plan, and adorn themselves like we do.

20 minutes walking

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  1. So true! I really don't think that animals have the capacity for joy and love as we do. Our lives are so much more complicated but there are more possibilites as well! I thank the Lord for His love that fills my heart and the joy He blesses me with through family and friends!


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