Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hearty Brain

Walking and Brain Volume

Walking 6 miles or so every week is not only good for the heart, but for the brain, preventing shrinkage and possibly dementia down the road new research indicates. Walking also increases gray matter in the brain.

It's easy to walk 6 miles a week. By walking everyday, I am averaging about 6 miles a week. The recommended 30 minutes everyday or long walks on weekends and 20 minutes a day should do it. Walking is healthful, and walking outdoors brings even more vitality to the mind and body.

One of the hazards of writing is that it is a sedentary task. It's easy to develop unhealthy habits while researching and writing about health. As I focus on writing about publishing, I will plan to have several short posts (sprints) and then the occasional in depth article. Just as a longer walk can take you to new and interesting places, writing deep thoughts or feelings can take you to a higher level of thinking.

Going deeper, finding the underlying meanings, and what people really care about are my interests, but a short sprint is also healthy. Just get up, take a break from reading. Log off of Facebook, take a walk, laugh, call a friend, do something quick, active and fun. Contact Nancy to schedule a Walk About U!

30 minutes walking

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