Monday, October 25, 2010

After the Storm

The air is so fresh as I look up at the white wispy clouds. The clear blue sky shows no sign of the storm that passed through yesterday, yet the sidewalk is littered with damp golden leaves. A good heavy rain cleanses the trees of dead leaves and debris. If the wind blows hard enough, the green leaves will be pruned at the same time.

Do you ever feel like a storm has blown through your life leaving a flood of water behind your eyes or a heaviness like damp leaves on the sidewalk? Sometimes a random storm or crisis comes out of the blue and wreaks havoc with your life. A wind of chaos or evil can blow across your brow. There doesn’t seem to be any reason or any good that can come of it, but crises can bring you closer to the people you care about. Take time for meaningful relationships when the sun is shining, and you’ll be ready for the unexpected storms.

Most storms are healthy and natural. If we didn’t have the occasional mini crisis, we wouldn’t clean out the clutter in our lives. We learn what is really important to us when the rain washes out the excess. Get outdoors and walk. Enjoy the changing seasons. Take a Walk About U! and have a conversation with LifeWork Coach Nancy Miller to learn ways to build your resilience for the next storm. Can’t get outside? While sitting in your office chair or sitting in front of the television, lift your legs, stretch your feet, and do the bicycle moves. Stand up and stretch, breathe, and relax. Have a great day!

30 minutes walking
104 days 

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