Monday, November 1, 2010

Entrepreneurial Spirit

November is National Career Development Month. With winter coming, and longer evening hours, it’s the perfect time to think about your career planning and job search skills. Quintessential Careers published their Job Action Day 2010 articles with a wealth of information for job seekers and entrepreneurs. Catch the buzz from the Quintzine “Create Opportunity: Job Action Day 2010!”

Don’t miss my Job Action Day article, “Creating Opportunity Through Your Entrepreneurial Spirit.

“An entrepreneurial mindset will give you the adaptability and resilience to thrive in a changing workplace. As an entrepreneur, you need to:
  • know why you are working,
  • research Models of Work, and
  • understand your choices.”

Take charge of your career whether you are currently working, own a business, or you are conducting a job search. Be sure to get outside and walk to maintain health and vitality for whatever work you are doing.

20 minutes walking
110 days

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