Friday, November 26, 2010


 Nature always tends to act in the simplest way. Bernoulli 

I find ways to complicate things
to find another way
to do it different
and see what has been done.

I look things up
and find what someone else says
no research is good enough
without further study.

I end up with a jumbled mess 
of facts and information
Now to find a simpler way
To write it in a book.

40 minutes walking



  1. Interesting blog this morning. Don't you think you have to make what looks like a jumble before you can weed out the relevant? Like cleaning out the closet. Pulling everything out makes a great mess. Then what is needed versus useless becomes clear, things are discarded or put in order, and what remains are the lovely, necessary and useful bits.

  2. Very well said, Diana. I feel like I have been over run by weeds, but today I am beginning to see the useful bits. Thanks for your comment.


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